My skills

Puzzled and wondering where this discussion might lead me and feeling slightly uncomfortable at posting my skills…how very British!!!

Where do I start on a my skills question.  If I need to comment on my ICT skills well I may as well give up and go home early, early signs from the MSc in Multimedia and e-learning tell me that I am behind the group in this area.

My skills and experience in teaching and learning are classroom based, in particular I am effective at communicating and developing a high quality dialogue with learners, providing developmental feedback which supports learning.  My biggest challenge is reflecting this in an e-learning and m-learning environment.    I am an advocate of collaboration and skilled in using collaboration to support teaching and learning but again through classroom based activities.

I am interested in Mini Project 4 Design of e-learning as this will develop my knowledge of relevant theory in the design of elearning and knowledge in this area.  A mini project on theory doesn’t really excite me and I keep telling myself its only 500 words!!

I am skilled in management of teams and projects and this supports learning in Institute of Leadership and Management qualifications on which I teach.  I have just taken on a Workplace Learning Project in partnership with Calderdale College and funded by ESF, which is designed to develop low level skills in employment.  I am responsible for the design, management and some delivery of this programme and this will use my project management skills.  I would be interested to see if I can incorporate e learning, as this would both impress the Calderdale and give me a vehicle for practicing some new skills.

I think I’ll leave it there on the skills front.  I could mention my cooking and golf swing but for fear of over egging it……

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